Monday, 4 December 2017

Nelson police seek witness to car park robbery

Who: Nelson Police
When: Around 8:20pm on Saturday.
Where: In the Montgomery Square car park in Nelson.

Four young people were attacked in Nelson's Montgomery Square car park about 8.20pm on Saturday.
What: On Saturday, four people were being assaulted by a large group of people that had stolen clothing and money in the Montgomery Square car park. Two of the victims that were harmed had gotten bad injuries and had to go to the Nelson Hospital. Police have found a 14 year old from the group who stole money and clothing and has been sent to court but the others have not been discovered yet. Police said that other people were using the car park and are wanting anyone who was there at the time to call them.

My Opinion: I think that this is sad and I hope that the other two victims that didn't go to hospital are alright. I wonder how much money they stole? I wonder why they were beating up the other four people? I wonder why they stole the money and clothing.

Assaulted: Being physically harmed.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Mystery asteroid comes into our solar system

Image result for question markWho: Astomoners
When: Posted on October, 31 2017
Where: In space
What: For the first time, astromoners think they have found something that has come from somewhere else in the galaxy. People have decided to call it A/2017U1. The University of Hawaii found the object on October the 19th. They used their Pan-STARRS 1 telescope to find it. A/2017 U1 flew in directly above us which is unusual and is around less than 400m in diameter.

My Opinion: I think that it is pretty cool that they have found mystery object thing. I wonder what it is? I wonder where it came from? I wonder how far away it is?

Link: KiwiKidsNews

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Terrible breeding season for Adelie Penguins

Who: Adelie Penguins
Where: in Antarctica 
When: Posted on the 25 October 2017
Image result for pics of adelie penguins
What: This year has been the worst penguin breeding season so far. All the penguins starved to death except for two chicks. There was another really bad breeding season in 2015 when all of the chicks died. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) says a ban on krill fishing in the area would help the Adelie Penguins find more food quicker. They breed from October to February and lay two eggs during that time. 

My Opinion: I hope the Adelie penguins manage to find food for their chicks next breeding season. I wonder how many other terrible breeding seasons they've had? I wonder if there is another reason why the chicks have had a hard time surviving?

Image result for pics of adelie penguins

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Satellite to measure pollution launched

Who: Scientists.
Where: In space and the UK.
When: October 17, 2017.
What: A new satellite has been launched to help scientists find out how much pollution there is. The satellite is called Sentinel-5P and was built in the UK. It is part of a big project called Copernicus, named after the man who was one of the first people to suggest that earth went round the sun instead of the other way round. The satellite weighs 820 kilograms, which is about eight elephants, and will orbit 804 kilometres out into space.

My Opinion: That is cool and a great way to find out how much pollution there is. I wonder when they launched the satellite? I wonder how the satellite finds out how much pollution there is?


native animal

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Saudi Arabia women soon allowed to drive

Who: King Salman and women in Saudi Arabia.
Where: In Saudi Arabia.
When: in June 2018.
What: King Salman has now changed changed the law so women can drive. Women will be able to start driving in June 2018. Only men are allowed to have a drivers licence and women who drive in public get arrested and fined.  About 800,000 men work as drivers for the Saudi Arabia women because of the law.

My Opinion: It is great that women can start driving soon but it's sad that women aren't allowed to do that much in places like Saudi Arabia. I wonder if they can start learning how to drive before June in 2018? I wonder how old they will have to be to start driving?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Cassini crashes into Saturn

Who: Space probe Cassini, Scientists and the team working at the Cassini laboratory.
When: It took off in 1997 and crashed this year.
Where: The team working at the laboratory where in California, America and Cassini was obviously in space.
What: Cassini's long mission exploring Saturn has now come to an end after crashing into Saturn. The space probe had also run out of fuel and in one month it would have been its 20th anniversary of its launch. During the mission, Cassini found new moons, signs of possible life on moons and huge underground oceans putting water into space.

My Opinion: I am a little bit disappointed that Cassini ran out of fuel but it would have to happen some soon anyway. I wonder when they started building Cassini? I wonder if it just ran out of fuel or there was something else wrong with it?

Link: KiwiKidsNews