Thursday, 28 September 2017

Saudi Arabia women soon allowed to drive

Who: King Salman and women in Saudi Arabia.
Where: In Saudi Arabia.
When: in June 2018.
What: King Salman has now changed changed the law so women can drive. Women will be able to start driving in June 2018. Only men are allowed to have a drivers licence and women who drive in public get arrested and fined.  About 800,000 men work as drivers for the Saudi Arabia women because of the law.

My Opinion: It is great that women can start driving soon but it's sad that women aren't allowed to do that much in places like Saudi Arabia. I wonder if they can start learning how to drive before June in 2018? I wonder how old they will have to be to start driving?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Cassini crashes into Saturn

Who: Space probe Cassini, Scientists and the team working at the Cassini laboratory.
When: It took off in 1997 and crashed this year.
Where: The team working at the laboratory where in California, America and Cassini was obviously in space.
What: Cassini's long mission exploring Saturn has now come to an end after crashing into Saturn. The space probe had also run out of fuel and in one month it would have been its 20th anniversary of its launch. During the mission, Cassini found new moons, signs of possible life on moons and huge underground oceans putting water into space.

My Opinion: I am a little bit disappointed that Cassini ran out of fuel but it would have to happen some soon anyway. I wonder when they started building Cassini? I wonder if it just ran out of fuel or there was something else wrong with it?

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Synthetic cannabis re-termed synthetic drugs after claiming 20 lives in NZ

Who: New Zealanders who chose to take a drug called Synthetic Cannabis and police.
Where: All around NZ but mainly in Auckland.
When: In the last few months this year.
What: Around 20 people have died this year because they have been taking Synthetic cannabis. This product is now illegal. Police are trying to find the people who are still selling them and they are also telling people if they know who's selling it need to tell the them.  People used to take them because it wasn't illegal so they thought it was safe. 

My Opinion: I think it is pretty sad that people have died because they have taken this drug but if they knew that they were at risk of dying then they are just plain stupid. I wonder how long this drug has been around? I wonder why people would want to take it?

Thursday, 7 September 2017

US county bans homework

Who: Students in Florida.
Where: In Florida.
When: Posted on the 6th of September.
What: Students in Florida don't have to worry about homework anymore because of a new policy that is affecting 31 schools. Instead of homework, they have to read to someone for 20 minutes every day. If kids don't have anyone to read to at home they can use audiobooks instead. Only elementary schools need to use this policy so people at intermediate and college still have to do homework. Lots of parents are liking the new policy because homework takes up too much time but some parents are against it because homework helped their kids understand what they are learning at school and it taught their kids to be more responsibe and organised. People still don't know why they have banned it yet.

My opinion: I don't really like homework but it's a little bit weird that they banned it. I wonder why they banned homework? I wonder if the students are happy about not having homework?

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County: Part of a state.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

New York lady leaves fortune to her cats

Who: Ellen Frey-Wouter and her cats, Tiger and Troy.
When: Posted on the 30th of August.
Where: In New York.
What: A New York lady died recently and left part of her fortune to her beloved cats. Ellen left $300,000 of her $3 million estate to make sure Tiger and Troy get looked after properly. Dahlia Grizzle, Ellen's former health aide and now takes care of tiger said that she isn't surprised that Ellen gave the cats lots of her money because she loved them sooooooo much. This isn't the first time an owner has been given lots of money. Leona Helmsley from New York gave $12 million to her dog called Trouble.

My opinion: I think it is a little weird but I can see why she did it. I wonder who she would have given the money to if she didn't give it to her cats? I wonder when she got her cats? I wonder how old they are?

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Total solar eclipse over America

Who: Americans.
Where: America.
When: On Monday
What: On Monday, Americans saw a total solar eclipse that millions enjoyed. It was called The Great American Eclipse because the shadow from the moon went directly onto America. During the total solar eclipse, the temperature usually drops a little. People who watch the eclipse are meant to wear special glasses so they don't damage their eyesight.There are a few different types of solar eclipses. A total solar eclipse is when the moon covers the sun completely. A partial eclipse is when the moon covers about half of the sun. An annular eclipse is when the moon covers the sun except the outside and a hybrid eclipse turns out to be a total eclipse or an annular eclipse.

My opinion: I think that is pretty cool and I would really like to see that. I wonder if anyone's eyesight got damaged? I wonder what time of day the eclipse happened? I wonder if some parts of America didn't get the best view?

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

2000 year old tombs found in Egypt

Who: Archaeologists.
Where: In southern Egypt.
When: August the 16th, 2017.
What: Archaeologists have found three tombs that were made 2000 years ago.  The tombs contained a collection of different sarcophagi.  In one of the tombs, there were six burial holes, including one for a small child.  Ali al-Bakry said that they also found bones that belonged to men, women and children all different sizes and ages.  The tombs were made in between 525BC and 332BC. 
My opinion: I think that is pretty cool and I wonder if the archaeologists were trying to find the tombs?  I wonder when they found the tombs?

Sarcophagi: Stone coffins
Archaeologists: People who find fossils or people who discover the past of human life

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