Thursday, 17 August 2017

2000 year old tombs found in Egypt

Who: Archaeologists.
Where: In southern Egypt.
When: August the 16th, 2017.
What: Archaeologists have found three tombs that were made 2000 years ago.  The tombs contained a collection of different sarcophagi.  In one of the tombs, there were six burial holes, including one for a small child.  Ali al-Bakry said that they also found bones that belonged to men, women and children all different sizes and ages.  The tombs were made in between 525BC and 332BC. 
My opinion: I think that is pretty cool and I wonder if the archaeologists were trying to find the tombs?  I wonder when they found the tombs?

Sarcophagi: Stone coffins
Archaeologists: People who find fossils or people who discover the past of human life

Link: KiwiKidsNews

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Pirate ship to walk the plank

Who: People who work at Rainbow's End and visitors.
Where: In Rainbow's End.
When: The 19th of August 2017.
What: Rainbow's End has announced that their popular Pirate ship ride will be taken down. The ride will go for the last time later this month after 34 years at the theme park. Some workers said that they need more space for more exciting rides. 62% more people have visited since 2009. A special Pirate day will be held on Saturday the 19th of August before they take the ride down. They will also have prizes for the best dressed.

My Opinion: I think that it's pretty cool that they are adding new and exciting rides. I wonder what rides they are going to put in? I wonder if they are going to take anymore rides out? I wonder when they are going to take it down?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

8 year old breaks Kilimanjaro record

Who: Roxy Getter and her family.
Where: Tanzania
When: Earlier this month.
What: An 8 year old girl called Roxy Getter has become the youngest girl to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and they did it during a family holiday. They were going to sign up for a safari but a friend suggested that they should maybe hike up Mount Kilimanjaro. The family had never done an overnight camping trip before so it took them about a week to get to the top and it was 7 degrees at the top.

My Opinion: I think that would be very tiring and if I were in that family, by the time I had finished the hike I would definitely be ready to go home. I wonder if they all agreed to do this? I wonder how long they were in Tanzania before they started the hike?

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Trillion tonne ice burg breaks free

Who: Scientist's.
Where: In Antarctica.
When: Around Monday and Wednesday.
What: A giant ice burg broke off Antarctica after an enormous crack that scientist's have been watching closely. The ice burg is about three times the size of Stewart Island! The crack was near an important scientific research station so it had to move. The block of ice that broke is now the largest ice burg ever recorded, weighing a trillion tonnes! Scientist's have been monitoring the ice burg for over 10 years so they expected that to happen.

My Opinion: That is a really big ice burg! I wonder how they found out the weight of the ice burg? I wonder how long the crack has been their for? I wonder how thick it is? I wonder how long the ice burg will last for?

Monitoring: Keeping track of something.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Canada turns 150

Who: People who live in Canada
Where: Canada
When: Posted 4 June
What: Thousands of people joined in celebrations at Parliament hill in Ottawa. They set off lost of fireworks too. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a speech in English and French, a tradition in Canada, which shows that they are Canada's official languages. In his speech he remembered the indigenous people. They celebrate this on the 1st of July.
Why: To celebrate Canada turning 150

My Opinion: That would be fun to take part in and I wonder how long they celebrate it for? I wonder if they plan it differently each year?

Indigenous- First or original.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Boeing testing pilot-less planes

Who: People who work at Boeing.
Where: ?
When: They are going to start testing the planes next year.
What: A company called Boeing is going to start testing pilot-less planes next year. They say that the technology could be used so they don't need as much pilots for long flights. The planes have been made but there aren't enough pilots. They have already made them but they are going to test the planes sometime next year. They aren't going to use the planes unless people agree to use them.
Why: Because people are travelling more, they are finding it hard to train pilots quicker and not enough people are wanting to become pilots.

My Opinion: I think that is pretty cool but I wouldn't want to be on one of those planes because something could go wrong and no one would know what to do about it.

I wonder: I wonder if they will work? I wonder if people
will want to go on them? If they do work, I wonder if
 people will be controlling them anymore?